You all have heard me say it 1000 times: Abs are made in the kitchen.  

I've been working on Menud for about 18 months.  My goal was simple... create the easiest possible way for you to discover and plan healthy, simple, delicious meals.  

On Menud, I'll update 60 new meals every month that you can plan to your week and push to your grcery cart.  

Also, you will find healthy dish recomendations in oer 50K restaurants around the country.

‍‍‍Give Menud a try.  Save yourself the headache of meal planning and the frustration of eating bad food!


‍‍‍Download Menud ‍‍‍for iPhone‍‍‍‍‍‍



Meals to yo‍‍‍ur busy week.


‍‍‍Meal‍‍‍s you want to cook later.


‍‍‍Recipes to your groce‍‍‍ry list.


‍‍‍60 new meals each‍‍ m‍‍‍onth.

Available on iPhone.

Andr‍‍‍oid coming soon.