You all have heard me say it 1000 times:


No matter if it's Carrie or my cousin... my clients, friends, & fans are always asking me, "What should I eat!!??"

Well, I'm making it super simple.  I've been working on this project called Menud.  

‍‍‍‍‍‍And, now, in 91 restaurants in Nashville... and 8600 restaurants around the country, you can see the specific, healthy dishes I recommend.

‍‍‍From gourmet to grab-and-go, I want you to find healthy food when you're out and about.

And, this summer, you will also be able to see the healthy recipes I want you cook at home.  

(Oh, spoil alert, I'll also help build your shopping list so you can order groceries directly to your door step!)

So stop over-analyzing and just #EatLikeMe!!


Available in 91 restaurants in Nashville and 8600 restaurants across the country!!

Refer Friends. Earn Fun Stuff!

Download Menud‍‍‍ on the App Store