The Mexican Standoff

The easiest way for you to eat healthy so you can feel better.

Eating healthy is frustrating. Most of us fail.

But some succeed. And success leaves clues.

There you are. It's a Tuesday night after work and after the gym. You're starving. You want something healthy.       Suddenly, your friend

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Some of the Amazing Influencers You Can Follow On Menud.

We totally get it.

So we built it.

“I hate counting calories. I don't know what a macronutrient is. I'm not sure I can identify a "clean" meal.  But I want to eat healthy.

Like you, I'm busy.  I have a demanding job and a wonderful family that I want to see more of. I don't want to spend my precious time analyzing nutrition and contemplating what to eat.  I just want to know that what I'm eating is healthy.

That's exactly why we partnered with some of the best people in heath, wellness, fitness and food.  Experts who know how to calculate nutrition and plan great meals.  So that -- in a split second -- you can see healthy food recommended by the pros.

Don't calculate nutrition... connect to experts who want to help you feel and look better.  

Neil W

Menud cofounder

These pros recommend  healthy dishes at restaurants... you don't have to decipher the menu.

Eating Out

And these experts call out healthy meals to cook at home. you don't have to think about recipes.

Staying In

Meanwhile, you're perusing Instagram when you see Country Music's favorite personal trainer   Erin Oprea pop up.

If you can relate to this experience, download Menud.

Spoiler alert: you can relate.

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Enough with the analysis... the education... and all the frustration... Let the experts pick the dish for you.


Menud partners with authors, athletes, celebrities and Influencers who want you to eat healthy.


Meanwhile, you're scanning Instagram.

You see Country Music's favorite personal trainer Erin Oprea.

"Erin is on Menud!" you awkwardly say out loud.  

So you open Menud, find a healthy dish Erin recommends nearby.  

Standoff Resolved.  Thanks, Erin!


"Erin is on Menud!!" you awkwardly say out loud.

So you open Menud, find a healthy

dish Erin recommends in your  

favorite neighborhood.


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